The Private Label Blueprint

Welcome to the PLB workbook.   This page has all the links and resources you need when progressing through the course.  We recommend that you save this page to your bookmarks or browser bar for easy access.

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Product Research Spreadsheet

When it comes to product research Jungle Scout is our go to service. You can easily find hot selling products in all marketplaces and its kinda fun too.

Keepa Browser Extension

The Keepa Browser Extension is an excellent tool for product research and can also get you a very quick look at how products are performing right on the Amazon listing page. Its also FREE! 😉



Amazon Bestsellers

Use the Amazon Bestsellers pages to get an idea of what products are hot selling right now.

Amazon Bestsellers

Amazon Bestsellers

Amazon FBA Calculator

Use the FBA Calculator to get the Amazon fees associated with a product.

FBA Calculator

FBA Calculator

Even though I love Jungle Scout, I still use Camels all the time for quick reference on products. The sales rank tool is normally spot on and can tell you how active a product is on Amazon. Also the price history is very useful to ensure you don’t invest in a dud.

Camel Camel Camel

The Jungle Scout Estimator

This quick free tool will give you an estimate of how many sales a product is making in your selected marketplace every month.

Alibaba is the biggest directory of suppliers, factories and wholesalers in the world. It is also very user friendly these days and sourcing potential products couldn’t be easier.

Alibaba Wholesale is more like a shop experience and unlike the main website you are able to purchase products through an onsite checkout. Alibaba Wholesale is a lot smaller than its big brother so if you dont find what you are looking for head to the main site.

Alibaba Wholesale

Here is some more information on Alibaba Trade Assurance. This service is really a must have when dealing on Alibaba as it make the transaction safe and fair for all parties.

Trade Assurance

The Amazon Seller Masterclass is another course created by ME! It covers everything you need to know to sell on Amazon. Including Amazon SEO, FBA, listing creation, product photos and much much more. It id currently being hosted on so please check it out.

Amazon Seller Masterclass

If you are looking for cheap design work or a quick logo then check out Canva. This easy to use design tool will get you professional results and make you look like an awesome designer.


Snagit is an awesome tool that enables you to take images from any webpage, edit them or add them to emails and projects.


Trello is an awesome tool for organization in general. One of the main ways we use it in this course is to keep track of factories we are contacting. But Trello can be used for tons of productive and organizational tasks and the best part is its FREE! 🙂