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We Source, We Ship and you Sell great quality products from trusted factories throughout China without the hassle of using e-commerce platforms

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A UK owned business with offices in the UK and China. We pride ourselves in sourcing, manufacture or customizing your own products without the hassle. Our company succeeds in bringing concepts to life, we inspect and ensure all products are made to the best quality before shipping it directly to you.

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"Create an environment where everyone gets a chance."

How many times have you used Alibaba or similar platforms only to find they can't produce at the units your looking for? Or the times where you've placed an order only to find that it lands on your doorstep completed damaged or wrong?

At Source Ship Sell, we do all the hard work for you. We have 000's of approved factories that we trust, who will provide the resorces that you need.

Why Choose Us ?

We are firstly native English Speakers in China with the ability to the local dilect. There are also many times where you may have purchased from China and wanted a refund only to find the factory not willing to comply.

At Source Ship Sell we provide money back guarantee if products arrive faulty defected or is different from what you asked for.

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We have only been working with SourceShipSell this last year and so far, we have found them extremely easy to work with. They seem to care about our business and have done everything they can to meet our creative and quality demands and tight deadlines.


Owner of We Love Sunday’s

I would certainly recommend working with SourceShipSell to take the stress out of working directly with Chinese factories. They manage the production and oversee quality control which makes the process simple and stress free.


Supply Chain Manager at AEC

We continue to use SourceShipSell to help us navigate our way through the difficulty of doing business in China. They have helped us in saving additional tariff costs as we patiently wait for things to be resolved.


COO at Teresa Collins Designs

Frequently Asked

We understand that you may have questions for us. We’ve taken the pleasure of answering them for you. Still not satisfied. Contact our team and we will answer your questions directly.

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Isn’t this just like any other sourcing agent or production company based in South East Asia?

We’re far from generic! While other companies source products from Asian countries, we are determined to go the extra mile. Whether your based in USA, EU, South American Regions we are more than happy to have our team come to you! We want you to be comfortable with our team, services and capabilities and will assist where we can.
Price Negotiations, Logistics, Factory Visitation, Consultations, Tips and Advice
Our experience has been derived from working with well named home brands, we are fortunate to be able to work on products that land in retail stores. If they trust us so should you!

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